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Leader's speech

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Dear colleagues and friends,
Unknowingly we have entered 2015. Today, we gather together to celebrate our achievements in the past year of 2014, and greet the promising 2015. I hereby would like, on behalf of the company, to express my deep gratitude to all my colleagues for their duteousness and hard work in the past year. Thank you! We truly appreciate your devotion in the past year."
Wisdom is the source of value, and innovation leads to a bright future. In 2014, faced with market downturn and competitions in the industry, we made concerted efforts to overcome all sorts of pressures and difficulties, having strengthened the workforce, improved the product content, and accelerated the pace of expansion; the company has grown from a unitary manufacturer of transmission parts into a provider of complete solutions of mechatronics integration. Through our efforts in the past year, we have gradually been recognized by customers, and the company has made great progress in businesses, laying a solid foundation for the future sustained development and leapfrog growth in the future.
Seize opportunities, to meet challenges. Opportunities come from the fact that our customers need us to provide more diversified products. What are the challenges? Challenges are the tests that we face to verify whether we can keep abreast of customer needs and whether we can quickly develop and produce products to meet customer needs. Looking forward to 2015, we realize that our tasks are daunting. In the new year, the company need to further improve in all aspects. We should make efforts in multiple aspects including management, products, and markets, to continue maintaining the steady and rapid healthy development, while further enhancing the space for the staff’s development; we will strive to create a reassuring, safe, and pleasant working environment, so that employees will feel the warmth of home.
Our achievements in the past are gratifying; our hard work today heralds the glory in the future. As a leader of the company, I feel grateful for your fruitful work you have done dutifully. We will always bear in mind your dedication to the company. I hope that in future, you will, as always, carry forward the team work spirit, love each other, constantly improve professional levels, go all out and fight till the end of the battle. Let’s join hands to achieve rapid growth together with the company. I wish that each member of the family will become the company's beam pillar, and boost up a remarkably brilliant future of the company.
On the occasion of the New Year, I wish you all a Happy New Year and new progresses at work! Please send my regards to your families who have been quietly supporting us. Wish you good health, happiness and good luck!